How It Began

Founded by Lipon Miah, Blue Tiffin was first introduced to Royton, Oldham in May 2004 with the solid ambition to serve high quality authentic Indian cuisine to the people of Royton and the surrounding villages. lancashireWe take immense pride in our spices created daily to accentuate our range of dishes. We mix, roast and grind spices & herbs daily to create the diverse flavours that our patrons love to enjoy. We are committed to the use of the freshest ingredients down to our lemons that are freshly squeezed daily for maximum flavour.

Our Passion

With a vision and mission to maintain the highest authentic level of culinary and hospitality excellence, Blue Tiffin is a delicious getaway. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying, a dining experience at Blue Tiffin, it will create memories that linger in your mind forever.

Experience Our Food

At Blue Tiffin we provide you with many Indian cuisines, we offer a wide range of dishes featuring unique and seductive spices and unusual ingredients prepared by our talented Chef. Choose from our wine list and sit back relax with a glass of wine that will compliment each and every dish you savor.


We have a strong emphasis on service, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. While we present our strikingly creative fusion food, we have made every effort to take you back in time with some delicious traditional favourites that are sure to make you feel nostalgic or simply put, feel at home!